Monday, November 3, 2008

Stax Brix - Stepping Stone

Stax Brix could just be another hustler from the heartbeat but the Rapper/ Street Poet has risen above expectations. The self made artist started his own label Dirty Pockets Productions to push his brothers (Balla P) music. When Balla P was incarcerated for armed robbery and sentenced to ten flat he had to adjust his plans. He decided to move from behind the scenes and fill the void in front of the mic himself. Overcoming and adapting to unexpected hardships has become a skill and part of his survival. Never wanting to be in the spotlight himself Stax spends the majority of his time helping artist & political causes through his promotion company. Stax tries to bridge the gap between current events and the powers that be. A near impossible mission in today's politically correct culture and mindless bubble gum rap. Part of Stax Brix rise is due to his emphasis on new media and creating his own buzz. A skilled promoter who argues like a politician. The right mindset and a new approach has Stax starting the year with several opportunities.


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